Links July 18, 2021

Links July 18, 2021

Press release to stop criminal covid injection campaign | European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance

Mortality rate from Delta variant eight times higher in “fully vaccinated” individuals – The Duran

Vaccinated people are dying from the Delta variant, but in small numbers and almost all are over 50, UK data shows | Business Insider

Stanford Dr. Jay Bhattacharya Calls US COVID Response “Single Biggest Public Health Mistake in History” (VIDEO)

Dr. Sam Bailey – True story: 22 days inside a New Zealand quarantine facility


Number of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Jumps by More Than 2,000 in 1 Week, According to VAERS • Children’s Health Defense

Doctors Given Power to Vaccinate Young Children Without the Knowledge of parents

US Military Confirms Heart Inflammation After COVID Vaccine

Royal Caribbean discovers that vaccines cause outbreaks, after eight vaccinated crew members test POSITIVE for COVID –

Surgeon who operated on young Italian vaccine victim: ‘You have never seen anything like this’

New Zealand announces plan to HUNT DOWN the unvaccinated

Pfizer Seeks Approval for Third Vaccine Dose — 3,988 Pfizer Vaccine Deaths so far This Year …Update: CDC and FDA Rebuke Pfizer

Death rate from variant COVID virus six times higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated, UK health data show | News | Life

SiteLa Quinta Columna: Analysis of vaccination vial confirms presence of graphene nanoparticles – I

BREAKING: Graphene Oxide has been found in AstraZeneca vaccination vial (Exclusive Photo) – ORWELL CITY

Doctor EXPOSES Fauci! Premeditated Murder With MULTIPLE Cocktails For ‘Treatment’ Since DAY ONE!

Woman with ‘life-altering’ injuries after COVID vaccine teams up with U.S. senators to demand answers


Red Cross Not Accepting Plasma Blood Donations From The Vaccinated

Now Big Pharma is pushing for a MONTHLY covid shot, obliterating the false narrative that once claimed a vaccine would earn back your “freedom”

Australian government releases psychotic new COVID-19 terror propaganda as ‘New World Order’ is rolled out

Effects of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles on the Immune System Biomarkers Produced by RAW 264.7 and Human Whole Blood Cell Cultures

FDA to Add New Warning on Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine Related to Autoimmune Nerve Syndrome

Fairfield testing ‘debacle’ slammed on Twitter as NSW govt ‘incompetence’

Everything wrong with the government’s response to COVID19 – Malcolm Roberts

Macron says French citizens who want to shop, dine, travel and worship must get vaccinated for covid

COVID Vaccine || Blood Clots Guaranteed || Dr Charles Hoffe

Legality of mandating Covid vaccines – FOR LIFE ON EARTH

Graphene Oxide ~ The Mechanism For Connection To 5G Grid – Magnetofection

COVID Vaccine || Blood Before and After the Shot

Dr. David E. Martin | Dr Reiner Fuellmich | Investigative Corona Committee Germany 9/07/2021COVID-19 Vaccine – The New Abnormal

A link between nanoparticles and Parkinson’s disease. Which nanoparticles are most harmful? – PubMed

Fauci says too soon to know if COVID booster shot needed | The Times of Israel

Medical Martial Law FORCED VAXX ARGENTINA Early Stage Hospitals Coming To Your Country SEE NOTES

Swiss Covid law set for second public vote – SWI

Engineering a Genetically Encoded Magnetic Protein Crystal – PubMed

Moderna Rep Admits Everyone Is Part of Huge Experiment

Top doctor in Tennessee fired after calling for teen vaccinations WITHOUT parents’ consent

Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity – PubMed

Canadian Court Ends Covid Emergency | Mask Mandates, Lockdowns, & Emergency Use Jab are now Unlawful

Should Children Receive COVID Vaccines? – Vaccine Choice Canada

Piers Corbyn’s Greatest Ever Speech?

Australian High Court Rules the Constitution BANS Mandatory Vaccination | Principia Scientific Intl.

Biden’s ‘door-to-door vax squads’ evoke thoughts of ‘medical brown shirts’ pushing America ever closer to medical martial law

So Appealing And So Enticing – Who Could Refuse Such A Great Offer To Get Vaccinated?