Links November 14, 2021

Links November 14, 2021

Thousands march through Melbourne furious at the government’s pandemic rules | 7NEWS – YouTube

60 QC’s have now signed the letter against the pandemic law bill | Reignite Democracy Australia

Top legal figures add signatures opposing the Andrews government’s pandemic legislation – YouTube

Goodbye Premier Dan Andrews. The Melbourne Rebellion has begun. – YouTube

Join the Class Action Against Victorian Police | Reignite Democracy Australia

GROUNDSWELL, Melbourne (Part 1) – YouTube

Something Very Weird Happening in Western Australia – Hospitals Overwhelmed, Vaccinations Continue But They Have No COVID – The Last Refuge

Tsunami of mRNA injuries have begun and are flooding ERs across America – Business Game Changers

Senator Rennick calls on Scott Morrison to halt Moderna now! | Reignite Democracy Australia

Barrister Raymond Broomhall- Audio only-DOWN UNDER THE PRISON ISLAND

‘The People’s Revolution’ Melbourne Highlights. 6.11.21 – YouTube

Australia’s Tyrannical Department of Health Raids Anti-Lockdown Doctor’s Clinic and Seizes Patient’s Confidential Files

2021 NOV 10 VIC GOV Gestapo raids Doctors Office

Stuart Lindsay Update – Adelaide Freedom Rally.mp4

Queensland Government faces legal action

Banks raided, property seized, licences cancelled in COVID cost recovery

Covid-19: Noisy anti-vaccine mandate protest heads to Parliament, Wellington | – YouTube

SA country town School Terror AttackFederal Appeals Court Blocks Biden’s ‘Big-Company’ Vaxx-Mandate | ZeroHedge

More Than Half of Unvaccinated Americans Say Nothing Will Change Their Mind – Summit News

“It’s Hard to Watch:” Hospital ERs Across The Nation Are Completely Overwhelmed With Non-Covid Patients “Sicker Than They Have Ever Seen” – Nurses Forced to Give Treatments in Hallways Because No Beds are Available

Vaggzine in Belgium – 100 per cent of ICU? – YouTube

NYC Firetruck Availability Down to 55 Percent, Manpower Shortages Due to Vaccine Mandate: NY Firefighters

US states sue Biden administration over COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors – ABC News

Dr. Robert Malone: International COVID Summit

US COVID-19 Vaccines Proven to Cause More Harm than Good Based on Pivotal Clinical Trial Data Analyzed Using the Proper Scientific Endpoint, “All Cause Severe Morbidity”

EXCLUSIVE – VAERS data shows the 5% of batches causing deaths were mostly sent to red Republican States

CDC Director Refuses to Tell Senators How Many CDC Employees Have Gotten COVID-19 Vaccines

Sen. Ron Johnson Expert Panel on COVID Vaccine Injuries, Federal Vaccine Mandates • Children’s Health Defense

Scientists find gene that doubles risk of dying from Covid

Protesters Clash With UK Police in Central London; 8 Police Injured

Million Mask March: 12 arrested and 8 police officers injured during protests in London – YouTube

A look at SARS-CoV-2 vaccine protection among U.S. veterans as Delta variant surged

Exclusive: Athlete Who Recovered From COVID Facing ‘Very Different Future’ After Second Dose of Pfizer Vaccine Triggers Myocarditis • Children’s Health Defense

Florian Dagoury, the World’s Top Static Freediver, Is Diagnosed with Myocarditis After Taking Pfizer Vax – May End His Career

Myocarditis – Current Trends in Diagnosis and Treatment


SCIENCE HORROR: Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging

Gravitas: Was Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine trial “compromised”? – YouTube

Emails Reveal CDC Changed Definition of “Vaccine” and “Vaccination” Because Their Experimental COVID Shots Didn’t Work as Advertised

FOIA request to CDC re: “HPV virus” purification by any method

Viruses | Free Full-Text | SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro | HTML


“We Will Not Comply” – Thousands Including City Workers, LAPD Officers, and Firefighters – Gather Outside Los Angeles City Hall to Protest Upcoming Deadline for Covid Vaccine Mandates – (VIDEO)

Bill Gates wants US & UK to spend billions on ‘germ games’ — RT World News

“Health Should Not Be Political”: Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Deflects Hysteria About Being Unvaccinated In Lengthy Interview | ZeroHedge

‘Worst ever’ virulent cold sweeps across the UK

Public Discussion with Professor Nikolai Petrovsky on MRNA Technology. – YouTube

What You Need to Know About Comirnaty

Why No One Can Force You to Get the Experimental COVID Injection – 21st Century Wire

Dr. David Martin – “We Can Act” Liberty Conference speech

Feds Pay Zero Claims For Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries/Deaths

So now most truck drivers will be exempt from the vaccine mandates – HotAir

Parents Increasingly Worried About Being Forced To Vaccinate Young Children As Biden Tightens Mandates | ZeroHedge

Taiwan halts 2nd-dose BioNTech vaccinations for ages 12-17 amid concerns of myocarditis | Taiwan News

Children are dying at a rate 62% higher than the 5-year-average since they began to be given the Covid-19 Vaccine – The Expose

French health authority advises against Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for under 30s | Reuters

PURE EVIL: Disturbing Pfizer Ad Tells Kids They’ll Get Superpowers from COVID Jab (VIDEO)

Hear the Suppressed Voices of the Vaccine Injured – Videos –

Surgeon General Rebuts Matthew McConaughey Over Vaccinating Kids; Warns Americans Not To Share ‘Misleading Memes’ About COVID | ZeroHedge

You Are Immune Against Every Disease – YouTube

TRUTH from Our Northern Neighbors: Science Professionals and Doctors Speaking Out | WSAU News

A sequence of legal events – with Anna De Buisseret – YouTube

WAYNE ROOT: Vaccine Mandate is Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy USA and End Capitalism

South African Physician Dr. Shankara Chetty Talks about “The Bigger Plan”

At Least 50 Shot & 10 Killed In Chicago As Police Stalemate Over City Vax Mandate Drags On | ZeroHedge

10 States Sue Biden Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers

Florida May Withdraw From OSHA Oversight Over Vax Mandate | ZeroHedge

How You Can Say “No Way” To Mandatory Vaccination – YouTube

Austria to BAN unvaccinated from long list of public spaces — RT World News

This needs to stop NOW! – YouTube

Courageous LA County Sheriff Tells The Truth About Covid Vax Mandates –

They Lied to Us About Vaccine Mandates – YouTube

No, You’re Not Crazy for Standing Firm: The Rest of The World is Nuts! – YouTube

MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Rabbinical Court decrees mRNA jab “Absolutely Forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women – Business Game Changers

Big Pharma Payday: US Government to Purchase $1 Billion More in Merck’s COVID-19 Pill

Hundreds of Thousands to Go on Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates: Organizer

Florida 2nd Grade Student Suspended 36 Days Over Not Wearing Mask

Simpsons doctor visit (vaccine dangers) episode – YouTube

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense): Kennedy Jr., Robert F.: 9781510766808: Books

Hero Pilot Shows Vaccinated Karen the Way out

COVID Vaccines Do Not Impact Infection

Here we go: CDC chief now touting mask-wearing to prevent transmission of flu — and common cold – HotAir

With 7.4 billion COVID shots deployed in arms, Bill Gates declares that ‘we need a new way of doing the vaccines’ – by Jordan Schachtel – The Dossier

The CDC Has No Guidance on Post-booster Behavior – The Atlantic

EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano Shares Letter with TGP Directed Towards Tomorrow’s Protesters Against Health Tyranny in Switzerland

Covid “vaccines” now have real-world effectiveness of MINUS 73% –

Man shot recorded as Covid death – YouTube

Italian Institute Of Health Drastically Reduces Its Official COVID Death Toll Number | ZeroHedge

CREEPY robot welcomes people at testing centre – YouTube