Links April 17, 2022

Links April 17, 2022

Covid Australia U-turn as booster jabs for teens are RULED OUT by ATAGI just day after TGA approval | Daily Mail Online

Australia and Moderna Strike Deal to Produce Up to 100 Million mRNA Vaccines Every Year; Triple Jab Combination Announced Including COVID, Influenza, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Australia to “actively explore” a national digital ID system

Petition EN4090 – Parliament of Australia – Stop The Digital Identity Legislation (Trusted Digital Identity Bill)

Raw VAERS Data Over Past 15 Months: 68,000% Increase in Strokes, 44,000% Increase in Heart Disease, 6,800% Increase in Deaths Over Non-COVID Vaccines

WATCH: Australia’s Push to Educate Parents on Risk of Stroke in Children

New South Wales plots Digital ID to access services

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on the Rise of the Biomedical Security State: The Merger of Public Health, Surveillance Tech, and Policing Powers

AIDS-Like “Chronic Covid” is Taking Over Europe, Australia and NZ

United tribes of New Zealand denounce the WHO treaty | Cairns News26-Year-Old New Zealand Man Develops Acute Pericarditis Following Pfizer Vaccine, Denied Medical Exemption and Insurance Coverage

“We the People Will Not Comply!” – Thousands Join “Defeat The Mandates” Rally Against Covid-19 Mandates in LA on Sunday

Eerie moment Shanghai residents scream out their windows after week imprisoned at home amid world’s strictest lockdown

Artifical Intelligence is microwaving you when you watch videos it doesn’t want you watching

GIANT RALLY IN CALI THIS SUNDAY! Truckers Converge with Thousands of Protesters! “IT IS FAR FROM OVER!” EPIC VIDEO

833 Athlete Cardiac Arrests and Serious Issues, 540 Dead, Following Covid Injection – The Expose

WATCH: Moderna CEO Fumbles When Questioned About Patenting Covid-19 Spike Protein Three Years Before the Pandemic

Millions get AIDS from Vax by Fall – Dr. Elizabeth Eads | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

New Batch of Pfizer Documents Show That Both FDA and Pfizer KNEW Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Occurred After Vaccination

WATCH: NZ Microbiologist Examines Pfizer Jab Under The Microscope, Finds Evidence of Metabolic Poison

Why the Digital Dollar will Destroy Free Speech | Economic Prism


Triple Vaccinated Have Suffered 80% Immune System Degradation and are Developing a New Form of AIDS, According to Official UK Gov’t Data

Peru Boy (8) Developed ‘Stevens-Johnson Syndrome’ After The Second Dose Of The Pfizer C-19 Shot! – The True Defender

NIH Concedes It ‘Suppressed’ Wuhan Lab Genetic Data, But Disputes Watchdog’s ‘Deleted’ Label

The Three Phases of Covid Injection Mortality – Medical Freedom Alliance

Five-Year-Old Julie Visits Vax Doctor

Bioweapons Expert Speaks Out About US Biolabs in Ukraine.pdf

List Of Over 100 Studies Proving How COVID Vaccines Are More Harmful Than What We’re Being Told – GreatGameIndia

A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence – 41591_2015_Article_BFnm3985.pdf

VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)

What Really Happened In Wuhan: A Virus Like No Other, Countless Infections, Millions of Deaths eBook : Markson, Sharri: Books


‘The Jerusalem Report’ With Ilana Rachel Daniel – CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio

BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic?

South Carolina Senate Passes Legislation that Bans Covid-19 Vaccine Requirements

New Search Warrant Requests Google Docs as Probe Into Far-Left Harris County Judge Related to $11 Million ‘Vaccine Contract’ Awarded to Political Crony Heats Up

Doctors & Scientists’ With Brian Hooker, Ph.D. – CHD TV: Livestreaming Video & Audio

Bill Gates Says Omicron Did a “Better Job” at Immunizing the Global Population Than the Vaccination Effort

U.S. Military Deaths Up 1100% And Exponentially Rising

Scientists Deliver Proof of Nano-Tech Maria Zeee Exclusive Bioweapon Evidence

Electromagnetic Weapons, Graphene Oxide and Activated Illnesses: Exposing the Covid-5G Connection – New Agora Newspaper

Fauci Says “We May Need” to Start Wearing Masks Indoors Again (VIDEO)

Vietnam to introduce vaccine passports

Fmr CDC Director: Bird Flu is the Real Pandemic – C19 was just practice

WATCH: Klaus Schwab Explains That Gene Editing Technology is About Changing What It Means to Be Human

World Economic Forum Was Created by US Policies.pdf

UK censorship bill tasks Big Tech with deciding when something is “illegal” or “fraudulent”

Chinese Citizens Are Starving, Jumping From Balconies To Their Deaths After Weeks Of ‘COVID Zero’ Lockdown

Robert Malone Says He Will Sue New York Times Unless It Corrects ‘Defamatory’ Article

Scientific Journalism is Dead

Growing Number of States Changing How They Report COVID-19 Hospitalizations

The ‘Sunday Footy Show’ Discuss Myocarditis Cases In Young, Healthy Athletes – YouTube

After Two Years of Lockdowns and Mandates Americans Are Protesting While Chinese in Shanghai Are Screaming in Terror (VIDEO)

Mobile phone activates photoluminescence in Covid vaxx self-assembling nanoparticles

Vaccine Injury Report – Truth for Health FoundationThe Chilling Reason They Won’t Declare the Pandemic Over?

MARINES AGAINST VACCINES: US Marines Speak Out About Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Which Are Forced Upon Our Good Soldiers (OUTSTANDING VIDEO)

Here We Go Again: Philadelphia Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate | ZeroHedge

Anti-Lockdown States Performed Better Than New York and California, Think Tank Finds – Summit News

Edward Dowd on Future Recession, Shocking Findings in the CDC Covid Data, and Democide

Gravitas: Shanghai: Residents beaten up by healthcare workers – YouTube

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Phase 2: Actual Trial & Enforcement of Judgement

Repeated COVID Vaccines May Impair Immune System’s Natural Ability to Fight Disease • Children’s Health Defense

German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Dropping Dead | Principia Scientific Intl

Fact Check-News channel says ivermectin images included in Queen COVID-19 report in error | Reuters

Wall Street Journal still publishing lies about ivermectin

Chaos erupting in Shanghai over strict COVID-19 lockdowns – YouTube

Predictions on outcome of mass vaccination during a pandemic of more infectious Sars-2-CoV variants | Voice for Science and Solidarity

Coalition of Austrian clergymen denounces Vienna’s COVID vaccine mandate –

Pfizer’s COVID “vaccine” responsible for hepatitis outbreak in children

German military bioweapons discovered in Ukraine, media silent –

Not a single House Democrat supports freedom for unvaccinated Americans; the left wants constant “monitoring and prosecuting” for refuseniks

BOMBSHELL! Post-Vaccine Lymphocyte Amok Discovered By Dr. Arne Burkhardt w/ Dr Bhakdi & Dr. Palmer

Millions in Air Force Training Costs Trashed Over COVID-19 Shots

FOIA request: 70% of COVID infections at the CDC were among the vaccinated

Hundreds in Chicago police ranks still unvaccinated despite deadline – Chicago Tribune

Board of Health opts against new school vaccine requirement | AP News

German Ethics Council condemns media for lying throughout the plandemic

UK clears 6th COVID shot despite canceling deal for doses | AP News

The more you vax, the weaker your immune system becomes

“ARREST BILL GATES!” – Roaring Massive ‘Super Protest’ Ascends Outside of TED Talk Ahead Of Gates’ Keynote Speech – Media Silent

Frontline Doctor Says Fetal Deaths Up Nearly 2,000 Percent Since COVID Jab Rollout – Centre for Research on Globalization

California says asymptomatic people exposed to coronavirus don’t need to quarantine – Los Angeles Times

DEVELOPING: Biden Regime to Extend Travel Mask Mandate For at Least Two More Weeks

German legislators vote against bill that would have mandated COVID-19 vaccines for people over 60

What Proportion of Doctors Are Vaccine Hesitant? Far Higher Than Expected, Survey Says + More • Children’s Health Defense

Delta Air Lines drops surcharge for unvaccinated employees | AP News

Will covid-19 vaccines save lives? Current trials aren’t designed to tell us | The BMJ

Infections, hospitalizations, deaths increase in Canada for the doubly and triply vaccinated, as antibody-dependent enhancement takes hold

Durability of immune responses to the BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine – 2021.09.30.462488v1.full.pdf

COVID-19: Preventing Future Pandemics .pdf

JUST IN: FDA Authorizes Covid-19 Breathalyzer That Can Detect the China Virus in Less Than 3 Minutes

Hundreds of Canadian companies helped fund propaganda campaign supporting COVID-19 vaccines

How Vaccine Messaging Confused the Public ⋆ Brownstone Institute

You cannot boost your way through COVID

Swedish study of 840,000 shows vaccine efficacy drops to zero at 7 months and is negative by 9 months | The Wentworth Report

FDA and Pfizer Knew COVID Shot Caused Immunosuppression.pdf

7-Foot Robot at Dallas Love Field Airport Watches for Unmasked Travelers, Will Notify Law Enforcement of Potential Crimes (VIDEO)