Links May 15, 2022

Links May 15, 2022

Australian Senate enquiry: It’s not the same Spike Protein and they didn’t tell you! – YouTube

Bill Gates and WHO go into partnership with Queensland Labor Party to supply needle-less vaccines for Covid rounds two,three, four……… | Cairns News

Unvaccinated Australians FINALLY Allowed To Leave For Overseas — Greek City Times

How can we trust their data when so much is being covered up? – YouTube

AustraliaOne Party – COVID – The Lies, The Truth and Hope for the Vaccine Injured

Safe and Effective? FDA Restricts Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Shot Due to Risk of Blood Clots

FDA Limits J&J’s COVID-19 Vaccine Over Blood Clot Risk | ZeroHedge

The Corona Jabb Increases Risk for Cardiac Arrest by 25 Percent in Ages 16 to 39!

3 ways to prevent the next pandemic with nature, according to science

COVID Vaccines for Kids Under 6 Won’t Have to Meet 50% Efficacy Standard, FDA Official Says • Children’s Health Defense

All-cause death rate 52 times higher among vaccinated children than unvaccinated children

India bans forced vaccinations, and the vaccine mandate – The Counter Signal

The FDA Finally Admits that COVID-19 Should Be Treated Like the Flu

Pfizer’s New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare

Bill Gates Calls For Global Surveillance Pact With WHO

WHO Pandemic Treaty: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Stop It • Children’s Health Defense

FDA Investigating Reports of COVID Relapses Following Use of Pfizer’s Pill

Study Finds More Than 25% Increase Emergency Cardiovascular Events in 16–39 Age Group During COVID-19 Vaccination Rollout in Israel

Ted Cruz blames ‘illegal vaccine mandate’ after Southwest cancelled 2,000 flights over the weekend | Daily Mail Online

Days After Biden Unveils New Dystopian “Disinformation Governance Board” Newly Released Documents Confirm CDC Catalogues and Tracks Social Media Posts by Elected Officials That are Vaccine Related

500,000 Germans Severely Injured by COVID-19 Vaccines, Survey by Top Hospital Shows • Children’s Health Defense

Myocarditis-induced Sudden Death after BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccination in Korea: Case Report Focusing on Histopathological Findings – PubMed

FDA finally admits that covid vaccines cause blood clots

UK clears 6th COVID shot despite cancelling deal for doses | The Independent

Biden Regime Warns Covid Could Infect 100 Million This Fall… Just in Time For the Midterm Elections

Top 7 “COMPLICATIONS” linked to Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J COVID gene mutation injections

All Hell Breaks Out At Apple China Factory As Workers Clash With Guards Over Lockdowns | ZeroHedge

What Happens In China When You Refuse To Go To Happy Camp?? | Alternative | Before It’s News

‘Raises Serious Constitutional Issues’ – Sen. Johnson Opens Probe Into CDC Tracking Americans Through Phone Location Data

NIH Scientists Pocketed $350 Million in Royalties – Agency Won’t Say How Much Went to Fauci • Children’s Health Defense


Scientific Reference to Reliable Health Information – Health Feedback

FDA Debunks Pfizer’s Claim: ‘No Evidence’ that Retaking Paxlovid Pill Stops Recurring Covid-19 Symptoms

Absurd new pro-vaccine “study” is nothing more than HATE SPEECH against the unvaccinated

Dr Corbett: A Deep Dive Into The Wreckage Of AIDS & Its Parallels With Covid-19

Vaxxed and Boosted Bill Gates Tests Positive for COVID, Previously Claimed COVID Vaccines Would Stop Transmission

Horror: Atrium Health Levine Children’s Hospital to Launch Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Trial for Young Children Ages 6 Months to 5 Years

Suddenly Bill Gates confirms what we’ve been saying all along: Covid is “kind of like the flu” with a “low fatality rate”

The Pfizer Documents | Peak Prosperity

Can’t Make This Up: Biden FDA Chief Insists “Misinformation” is Impacting Life Expectancy in the US

The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 – A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators.pdf

Russia names EU countries linked to Ukrainian biolabs – RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Stephen Colbert Catches COVID For Second Time in the Space of 3 Weeks After Thanking Vaccine Efficacy – [your]NEWS

Fauci warns America could face MORE COVID lockdowns if cases tick up again | Daily Mail Online

Bill Gates is building a pandemic response team, GERM – The Counter Signal

Excess Deaths versus Percent Vaccinated

Democrats drop COVID funds from $1.5 trillion package to aid Ukraine | Fortune

Acting Director of NIH Claims His Agencies’ Employees Like Doctor Fauci Don’t Have Real Conflicts of Interest When Selecting Solutions Where They Have a Financial Interest


How Sweden’s Covid gamble paid off: Nation suffered FEWER deaths in pandemic than majority of Europe | Daily Mail Online

Pfizer ADMITS in own documents it likely can’t demonstrate sufficient efficacy or safety of its COVID-19 vaccines to get permanent use approval

Military’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Threatens National Security, Erodes Morale • Children’s Health Defense

Piers Morgan wants anti-vaxx footballers ‘refused’ injury treatment | Metro News

COVID Cases Explode After White House Media Dinner Becomes Superspreader Event + More • Children’s Health Defense


Lipid nanoparticles in covid jabs “stick” to bodily organs, reveals Pfizer study

Steel Truth: CDC’s wastewater testing for COVID-19 is pure nonsense – Brighteon.TV

Attorney Tom Renz slams Pfizer’s coverup of serious vaccine reactions – Brighteon.TV

Biden Gang Pushing Amendments that Would Cede US Sovereignty Over to the Corrupt WHO Regarding National Healthcare Issues

Remdesivir ‘Disastrous’ as COVID Treatment, But Government Pays Hospitals to Use It • Children’s Health Defense

The Covid Vaccine Trials Documentary (41.5K people died within 21 days, 291K died within 6 months)

Report: Executives at vaccine contractor Emergent BioSolutions covered up quality control issues

Democrats Silent as Republicans Rip Into Secret Royalty Checks to Fauci, Hundreds of NIH Scientists

COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk – pdf

Creepy Bill Gates Plans to Hire a 3,000-Person Social Media Team to Push Vaccines and Suppress Any Differing Information

Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity –

Analysis of Federal Data Shows Increase in Covid-19 Deaths Occurred Among the Vaccinated – Experts Warn More Breakthrough Deaths to be Expected with More Americans Reaching Fully Vaxxed Status

James Corbett: I Read Bill Gates’ New Book So You Wouldn’t Have To • Children’s Health Defense

More than 25,000 patients missing from Pfizer data… were they deleted on purpose?