Links June 12, 2022

Links June 12, 2022

Covid mask mandates: Canberra Airport calls for health boss to drop ‘appalling’ rule | Daily Mail Online

Airport CEO ‘heartbroken’ as he prepares legal action against ACT Government’s mask mandate | Riotact


Qld premier defends almost empty Wellcamp


New Zealand: Vaccine doses administered vs. excess mortality

VCAT Compensation Claim – Final Submissions of 815 Truemans Cabin Hire Pty Ltd.pdf

We’re Now in the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover.pdf

China: everyone is monitored and controlled by this so called Health Code

Bill Gates Talks About The Technology That Will Replace Cell Phones – Technology News – Technology –

Sudden vaccines deaths are now so common they’ve assigned a SYNDROME name for it: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

Tennis 2022: Viewers shocked after bizarre Miami Open carnage

Woman’s Autopsy Lists COVID Jab as Cause of Death

Adverse Reactions from Covid Jabs Exposed – Videos

Mindblowing CV19 Vaccine Statistics From Dr. Betsy Eads: Vax Causing Extreme Disease (video) | Holistic Health Online

The WHO Document from 2015 That Can No Longer Be Found

“Masks Don’t Stop Viruses … and It Turns Out They’re Actually Harmful” – Dr. Simone Gold from America’s Frontline Doctors

COVID Jabs Rolled Out Differ From Those Trialed | NaturalHealth365

Introduction of the COVID Vaccines Sees Shocking Rise in Permanent Disabilities

Why Are Healthy Athletes Suddenly Dropping Dead?

Health Privacy Principles (HPPs) explained for members of the public

How liberty-infringing facial recognition threatens you every day – RT World News

Monkeypox Outbreak Was Planned, Report Suggests | NaturalHealth365

Leaked Medicare Data: 50% rise in deaths after Covid-19 jabs/boosters

Latest CDC Data Shows Covid-19 Infections Higher in Boosted Americans Compared to Unboosted

U.S. FDA Says Novavax Covid-19 Vaccine Linked to Myocarditis Days Before Critical Vote

The Rutherford Institute :: Digital Tyranny: Beware of the Government’s Push for a Digital Currency | By John & Nisha Whitehead

Biden’s CMS has cited 69 hospitals for not complying with healthcare worker vaccine mandate


Scientists Knew in 2005 that Spike Protein-Based Coronavirus Vaccines Like Pfizer and Moderna Were Potentially Dangerous

MonkeyPox: The Cover-Up For VAIDS – Karen Kingston Brings The Receipts Again | Holistic Health Online

Studies Link Incurable Prion Disease With COVID-19 Vaccine

Special Olympics Drops Covid Vaccine Mandate After Florida Threatens $27.5 Million Fine

Dad Shares His Daughter’s Recovery After Pfizer Jab Injury

Adverse Reaction Videos on

Current and former CIA, Google, Pfizer leaders meet to secretly tackle ‘disinformation’ | Just The News

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s own documents admit that mRNA covid vaccines will result in mass depopulation

Moderna’s own data prove the Omicron-specific vaccine booster barely works at all

Towards the emergence of a new form of the neurodegenerative Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease: Twenty six cases of CJD declared a few days after a COVID-19 “vaccine” Jab

Pfizer quietly admits it will NEVER manufacture FDA-approved Comirnaty injection for covid

Microorganisms | Prion-like Domains in Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2 Differ across Its Variants and Enable Changes in Affinity to ACE2

Worse Than the Disease? Reviewing Some Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines Against COVID-19 | International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research

COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease

Just in: FDA Advisers Recommend Authorizing Novavax Covid Vaccine Despite Risks of Myocarditis

Study: Face masks contributed to high COVID-19 death rates

CDC ‘Follows The Science’ Recommending Masks For The Non-Airborne Monkeypox Virus

COVID-19 statistics unreliable and widely misrepresented, says Alliance for Health International co-director

As White House Continues To Push Jabs For Kids, FL Surgeon General Questions Safety | ZeroHedge

Young Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Recipients More Likely to Get Infected After 5 Months

Mainstream media outlets in damage control as more Americans get sick and die after taking COVID-19 vaccines

Doctors trying to determine why many young people are suddenly dying | Daily Mail Online

More COVID Cases in Kids Who Got 2 Shots Compared to Those Who Got None, CDC Reports • Children’s Health Defense

CDC Backtracks on Non-Airborne Monkeypox Mask Guidance After Criticism

Russia’s investigation concludes that USA exploited Ukraine to develop illegal biological weapons –

Dr. Jane Ruby: Airline pilots were offered incentives to get COVID-19 vaccine – Brighteon.TV

Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals • Children’s Health Defense

Vaccine injury compensation programs overwhelmed as congressional reform languishes – POLITICO

Ban on religious vaccine exemptions moves ahead | Boston |

Pediatrician: Data Is ‘Irrefutable’ — COVID Vaccines Are Dangerous for Kids • Children’s Health Defense

Research links COVID-19 vaccines to increase in athlete deaths

New film argues WHO engaged in ‘population control experiment’ under guise of vaccination program – LifeSite

Yuval Harari, of the WEF, says, You have no soul and free will is “over.” – YouTube

We must never forgive or forget the war against the unvaccinated